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Let’s face it–learning Microsoft Excel is no easy feat. While it’s always best to learn Excel the traditional way, say, a hands-on do-it-yourself approach while getting familiarized with Excel’s basic concepts, you can always utilize the power of the Internet and go online on Youtube to learn Excel through its video tutorials.

Excel Youtube Channels

Youtube has become an ally for learners wanting to know useful Microsoft Excel tips and tricks. Most videos are easy to comprehend, and offer great screenshots as well as real-time Excel navigation that will make it easier for you to try it on your own as you go through the tutorial. If you want to learn Excel an easier way, here are some Youtube channels that you can visit.

1. Contextures Excel Tutorials

Tutorials that range from basic to intermediate levels of learning, Contextures Excel Tutorials definitely has you covered if you want to learn Excel. The channel has over 245 videos that you can truly utilize if you want to improve your knowledge about Excel.

2. Learn Excel from Mr. Excel

Mr. Excel is definitely your go-to-guy if you want to master those Excel skills and take it to a higher level. Mr.Excel has Excel covered, and its instructional videos are brief yet easy to understand.

3. Howcast Tech

Let Howcast Tech’s resident Excel expert Shir Moscovitz take you on an informative Excel-learning journey. Moscovitz’s easy instructional videos can definitely let you learn Microsoft Excel effectively.

4. ExcelIsFun

ExcelIsFun truly lives up to its name by making its tutorial videos fun and easy to comprehend. With over 1000 Excel videos, you’d be sure you’ll find one that will help you with your Excel needs.

5. Microsoft Excel Training

If you want to learn Excel’s basic concepts as well as know practical information to help increase your productivity, visit Microsoft Excel Training’s channel on Youtube.

6. Learn About Excel

Stuck on graphs, worksheet security, macros, formulas, and graphs on Excel? Don’t worry. Learn About Excel’s step-by-step instructional videos will help you go through all your Excel issues with ease.

Learn Excel on Youtube7. Danny Rocks Excels

With the channel’s listed 249 videos that cover Excel topics from basic concepts such as keyboard shortcuts down to pivot tables, learning Microsoft Excel has never been this accessible.


For you to “Become Awesome in Excel” is’s main mission. It’s well on its way, as it aims to teach you everything you need to know about Excel through its comprehensive and in-depth video tutorials.

9. Nerds Central

Want an interesting way to learn Excel’s complicated concepts? Dr. Excel is here to help.  Though his limited number of videos only cover branding, lookup, grading, the IF function, and data validation, Dr. Excel’s tutorials are both fun and informative.

10. Train Signal Office Tutorials

Train Signal’s channel offers video tutorials for all Microsoft Office software, and its Excel video tutorials are always detailed and also provide an in-depth discussion that you can truly benefit from.


16 Responses to “10 YouTube Channels that will Help You Learn Excel”

  1. Danny Rocks

    Thank you for including my YouTube Channel – DannyRocksExcels – on this list. I am honored to be listed with the other top Excel Trainers.

    Danny Rocks
    The Company Rocks

    • KeyRocket Team

      You are very welcome Danny! An congrats on your channel. As we said, DannyRocksExcel deserves to be in the list ;)

  2. John Oliver

    As a full time user of excel I will utilize all on this list without doubt.
    However, I am surprised that Danny Rocks Excels is shown as
    8 in the table. I watch and bring into practice most if not all
    of his teachings by example. I have seen most of the others
    listed but none use the same level as expertize as Danny Rocks does.
    But very happy he was included

    • KeyRocket Team

      We are glad you found the post useful, John. We agree, Danny Rocks deserves to be included! The list is a compiling of the best Excel Youtube Channels and all of them are really useful at the same level for us, no rankings at all ;)

  3.’s Excel tutorials have been used by thousands of people around the world. Most of our tutorials focus on beginner and intermediate skill levels but many of our learners have expressed how much they enjoy the clarity and quality of our screencasts. on YouTube:
    Excel 2010 Playlist:

    (Of course, we also offer free instructor supported online classes through our website as well, which many of our users prefer).

  4. Brad Haccer

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  5. websearcher

    To the above list, I would add Free videos or you can buy his book (search for Mike Smart Excel in Amazon). Great site and book. Highly recommended.

  6. Thomas

    The ExcelIsFun link points to an article on Word keyboard shortcuts. Please fix.

  7. Joan Hyla

    This is a great list! I am already subscribed to most of them. However, in my opinion excelisfun is the best. With over 2500 videos ranging from the basics to super advanced stuff in excel, it has taken my excel knowledge to a new level.

    Mike Girvin, you are the best!


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