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Enhace productivity by using shortcuts“I saw a bank that said ’24 Hour Banking’, but I don’t have that much time”. 
– Steven Wright (comedian)

Being a part-time writer and a full-time dad, I am very concerned with my productivity. I want to get my writing assignments done well and fast so I can enjoy more time with my wife and daughter. Now I’m sure that not all of you reading this have families to raise and all, but I’m guessing two things:

1. All of you want to improve your productivity and efficiency at work (otherwise you won’t be reading this blog).

2. Most of you use Microsoft Word pretty frequently in your day-to-day work. So, assuming those assumptions are correct, I’d like to help you improve your productivity by sharing 20 of the most useful Microsoft Word shortcut keys. What’s the relation between productivity and shortcut keys you say? A lot! Find out all about it here. Of course, not all shortcut keys are created equal, some are totally useful, and some are not. That is why I am focusing on the most useful ones. So go forth, and multiply… your productivity.

  • Ctrl+W. Close the active window / document.
  • Ctrl+Z.  Undo an action.
  • Ctrl+Y. Redo the last action or repeat an action.
  • Ctrl+S. Save a document.
  • Ctrl+P. Print a document.
  • Ctrl+K. Insert a hyperlink.
  • Alt+Left. Arrow Go back one page.
  • Alt+Right. Arrow Go forward one page.
  • Ctrl+C. Copy selected text or graphics to the Office Clipboard.
  • Ctrl+V. Paste the most recent addition to the Office Clipboard.
  • Ctrl+Shift+A. Format all letters as capitals.
  • Ctrl+B. Applies or removes bold formatting.
  • Ctrl+I. Applies or removes italic formatting.
  • Ctrl+=. Apply subscript formatting (automatic spacing).
  • Alt, F, A. Save As.
  • Alt, S, T, I. Insert Table of Contents.
  • Alt, S, T, R. Remove Table of Contents.
  • Alt, W, F. Full Screen Reading – View > Document Views > Full Screen Reading.
  • Alt, W, R. Ruler. View > Show/Hide > Ruler.
  • Alt, F, X. Exit Word.

Tada! There you go. These shortcuts may seem difficult at first, but trust me, learning and practicing them will reward you by saving you a lot of time eventually. If you want an easier way to learn these and other useful shortcuts keys, download KeyRocket, the simple and fun way of learning keyboard shortcuts to help you improve your productivity.

64 Responses to “20 Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys That You Would Actually Use”

  1. GG

    Ctrl + Shift + C (Copies the formatting of selected text)
    Ctrl + Shift + V (Pastes the formatting on selected text)

  2. Ramon Andrews

    This is a very helpful article on Microsoft Word shortcut keys. Those who work as data entry operators will surely find this useful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Justin Bieber

    Ctrl + Alt + Delete (Is the best way to Stop and Run your Program)
    it’s more fun in the shorcut Keys Microsoft Word..Awesome :)

  4. Dave Burton

    Good stuff, but you should mention what Word version you’re using. In Word 2003, at least, it’s somewhat different. E.g., show/hide ruler is Alt,V,L

  5. Tahir Abbas

    I need to get my publishing projects done nicely and quickly in order to spend more time with my family. These shortcuts have been a great way to do it for me.

    • KeyRocket_Admin

      Are you on Windows 7 or 8? When you opened Word, right click the icon on the task bar and say “Pin to taskbar” then you can start it with Win+4 (if it is the 4th icon).

  6. Aldo Cuevas

    Great writing – Incidentally , if anyone needs a LogistiCare Mileage Reimbursement Trip Log and Invoice Form , my assistant discovered a blank form here

  7. Hari Padmanabhan

    Alt+Shift+F2 also saves the document just like Ctrl+S and Shift+F12.

    Hari Padmanabhan

  8. Sweety

    I want to change word/sentences from capital letter to small letter can i get the Shortcut

    • Jean


      I want to change word/sentences from capital letter to small letter can i get the Shortcut

      Highlight the word/sentences then press SHIFT+F3
      If your word/sentences is in all caps first tap of F3 will change make it all caps, second tap all small letters

      I hope it works

  9. sithija

    ms office 2010 ( Why wea are using space bar then start save lcotion ) please give me a answer

  10. pratyush

    What is the shurtcut for clear right side letter of a cursor? As back pace use for left side letter clear.

  11. Sokha

    Why my shortcut key
    Copy is not Ctrl+C is change to Ctrl+Insert
    Past is not Ctrl+V is change to Shift+Insert
    Undo is not Ctrl+Z is change to Alt+Backspace
    Save is not Ctrl+S is Change to Shift+F2
    How can I Change to Classic Style ?


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