Veodin Software is a German software engineering company committed to manufacturing world class productivity tools for its customers in management consulting, banking and auditing. Millions of office workers rely on software to get their work done. We help users and software understand each other better. Key to that is our focus on users’ needs and behavior!

Management Team

Regine Harr is a former investment banker. At Veodin she is Head of Sales and key account manager for the Big 4 auditing firms as well as top tier strategy consulting firms.

Matthias Mayrock is a seasoned software architect specialized in system design and efficient algorithms. During his 15 years in the software industry he has build and managed various teams and products. At Veodin Matthias leads the technical development.

Jan Mechtel has a background in consulting and finance. At Veodin he manages product design and client relationships. Jan is passionate about PowerPoint, Excel and helping consultants.

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