Enable Gmail Shortcuts in Sparrow for Mac

As a member of the KeyRocket team that uses a Mac, I usually need to fire up Parallels in order to actually run KeyRocket–at least until we release the Mac version of the software. That’s why I was so excited when we released KeyRocket for Gmail. Since it’s a Chrome extension, it’s as cross-platform as… Read more »

KeyRocket Founders Attend TechCrunch Disrupt Conference

Berlin 05 September 2012 – KeyRocket Founders Jan Mechtel and Matthias Mayrock are gearing up for TechCrunch’s sixth annual conference! Set within San Francisco’s striking downtown SOMA district, Disrupt will combine top thought-leader discussions with new product and company launches. The industrious duo will be present for the duration of Disrupt, and will represent KeyRocket… Read more »

KeyRocket for Gmail Gains 10,000 Users in First Week

Berlin 09 August 2012 – Last week Berlin-based Veodin Software GmbH released KeyRocket for Gmail and within its first week in the Chrome Web Store it has 10,000 active users. KeyRocket for Gmail, a Chrome extension created by Berlin’s Veodin Software has garnered over 10,000 users within its first week and shows little sign of… Read more »

KeyRocket Offices – Then and Now.

As Katja alluded to earlier, KeyRocket has been growing fast. We just moved into our forth office in one year. See the progress for yourself.   Details not available.  Shared WYSIWYG Office – TU-Berlin. What you see is what you get. This office was perfect when there were only four of us. Development Office – TU-Berlin. This… Read more »

Windows Explorer Shortcuts Introduced in Latest KeyRocket Release

The Windows Explorer is used by millions of users in homes and offices every day to access files and folders. The majority of users don’t know the many time-saving keyboard shortcuts available. Well we have been hard at work here in Berlin since we brought KeyRocket out of Beta last month. The latest release of KeyRocket, in… Read more »

Major Venture Capital Firm Invests in KeyRocket

High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) has become a lead investor in KeyRocket (Veodin Software GmbH). The financing round enables the international distribution of KeyRocket as well as expansion of the team to accelerate product development for additional applications and platforms. HTGF is convinced of KeyRocket’s potential to disrupt how office workers worldwide work with software. HTGF’s investment as an institutional investor emphasizes the highly… Read more »

Shortcut to insert row in Excel

Use the keyboard keys + to insert a row in Excel without the mouse. To insert more than one row: Use + to select the entire row + or + to select more than one row + to insert the same number of rows you selected. An interesting thing to know: The formats are taken… Read more »

KeyRocket Launches – Keyboard Shortcuts Can Hide No Longer :)

We here at Veodin Software, are very proud to announce that after a lot of long nights, we are officially launching our flagship app KeyRocket out of beta testing! KeyRocket is a shortcut trainer/notifier that optimizes your workflow by helping you integrate keyboard shortcuts into your daily routine. Keyboard shortcuts are great timesavers and many users try to learn… Read more »

Web standard for keyboard shortcuts?

I love this blog post from Scott Hanselmann: The Web is the new Terminal: Are you using the Web’s Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys? He describes in detail how you can save a lot of time with keyboard shortcuts with some of the most common web applications. In particular I like his conclusion for a web standard… Read more »