How to add custom colors to your PowerPoint Masters

The process of adding Custom Colors to your PowerPoint Masters unfortunately is not as simple as clicking a button and selecting a color. It includes many steps and requires some techniques you might not be familiar with. Therefore, we’ll give you a detailed step-by-step guide of how to achieve this only using the standard Windows… Read more »

How to convert PDF to Microsoft Excel

Free Online PDF to Excel Converter is a reliable and hassle-free tool that, as the name suggests, converts PDF files to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The tool was designed to aid Excel users in quickly and accurately turning their PDF-archived data into editable sheets. It is very helpful to math teachers and students, statisticians, project managers… Read more »

Helpful Computer Skills To Streamline Your Workflow

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Computers are part of our daily lives.  We spend countless hours sending emails, writing documents, and surfing the web.  With so much time spent on a computer, it is important to get things done as efficiently as possible.  Even saving a few seconds on each task will add up in the long run. Here are… Read more »

Case Study 4: Keyboard Shortcut for “Enable Editing” Security Dialog in Microsoft Office (Excel, Powerpoint, Word)

We all know this annoying (but useful) security dialog that appears when you open a downloaded Office document or from an email attachment:   Before you can edit, or even print the document you have to click the button. Of course you could simply switch the question off but that would be a significant security risk…. Read more »

The Most-used Shortcuts In Excel 2010, Collected By KeyRocket

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Spreadsheets are extremely important for most businesses. 95% of American firms use spreadsheets for financial reporting, and half of the average company’s decisions are made based on a spreadsheet. If you ask CEOs for the best spreadsheet software, Microsoft Excel tops the list. Excel’s high level of complexity and wide range of possibilities, delight the… Read more »

KeyRocket Premium Now Includes All Shortcuts for Visual Studio

KeyRocket Premium support has been extended to include absolutely all Visual Studio shortcuts (including custom mappings by users). The latest release of KeyRocket streamlines web and application development by suggesting keyboard shortcuts based on individual working habits, bringing its proven shortcut teaching method to the development arena. Now every Visual Studio developer can save time… Read more »

KeyRocket Berliner Techlist Events 17 – 23 December: The Big Closing of the 2012 Berlin Tech Events

Just a few tech and entrepreneur events this week, as Berlin winds down in anticipation of impending Christmas festivities. While waiting for regular meetings to resume in January, you still have the chance to take in some good pitch tips and become more persuasive in business, or check the latest trends in mobile technology hosted by… Read more »

KeyRocket Berliner TechList Events 03 – 09 December: Heating Up Your Business For Winter Holidays and New Years

The end of 2012 is close and every single company is compiling annual reports plus setting up next steps. Between informs and plans, you may need to remember that December also means holidays and relaxation. Don’t miss these Berliner Tech Events we’ ve selected for you and get into the holiday spirit without neglecting your… Read more »

How To Effectively Get More Out of a Company Twitter Account

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The business landscape is constantly changing. A major part of worldwide companies are now using different forms of digital and social media strategies. We have already deep into some productive tips for company profiles in LinkedIn. But when we’re talking about social media, we can’t help but talk about Facebook and Twitter.  For this article we wanted… Read more »

KeyRocket Berliner TechList Events 26 November – 02 December: Demo and Promote Your Company Strong Points

Clients and investors should immediately recognize how useful your service or software is. The Berliner TechList events we’ve compiled this week will give you the chance to approach both, targets and capital, through web-marketing strategies and demos to the top European venture capital firms. Compile your company’s strong points and spread them to the world!… Read more »