Mastering the Art of Presentation & Public Speaking

Nobody wants their slide presentation to be the kind that makes people doze off during meetings. In order to effectively convey the information you want to present, planning and preparation are key. The more time you spend preparing your slides and the manner in which you present the content of the slides, the more engaged… Read more »

KeyRocket for Windows 10 released!

Today we released KeyRocket for Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015. With this major update we also prepared for the future by switching from .NET framework 3.5 to 4.6. For the complete list of changes please refer to the changelog. Download KeyRocket for Windows 10    

Top-10 PowerPoint errors in presentations

Before your material leaves your company it should undergo proofreading. This ensures a clear message and leaving the best impression to the reader. We tried to collect ten PowerPoint errors occurring often and useful to check for. Those checks are also done by SlideProof, the PowerPoint Add-in to make proofreading easier. We hope it finally… Read more »

From Google Apps to Microsoft Office 365 (Part 1)

Today we decided to move to Office 365 from previously using Google Apps (Mail, Calendar, Docs) & Microsoft Office Desktop & for storage. The impetus to make the move came from this great article: From Google Apps to Office 365: Why my company ditched Google. For us it boils down to: We are passionate Microsoft… Read more »

Enable Gmail Shortcuts in Sparrow for Mac

As a member of the KeyRocket team that uses a Mac, I usually need to fire up Parallels in order to actually run KeyRocket–at least until we release the Mac version of the software. That’s why I was so excited when we released KeyRocket for Gmail. Since it’s a Chrome extension, it’s as cross-platform as… Read more »