Company Benefits

KeyRocket is a software tool that helps users embrace keyboard shortcuts, boosting productivity and job satisfaction.

Increase productivity in Excel, PowerPoint and more

Keyboard shortcuts are vital for efficient creation of analysis and presentations.

Minimize onboarding time for new hires

KeyRocket teaches software essentials on the job, faster than peers or boot-camps.

Prevent mundane routines & provide comfort

With KeyRocket your employees can "stay in the flow". Shortcuts are smooth and efficient, clicking feels repetitive and menial.

Improve job satisfaction and morale.

Employees value KeyRocket as a source of continous self-improvement and positive feedback.

Increase ROI on software training

KeyRocket allows your experts to focus on core concepts instead of teaching software fundamentals.

Increase user adoption of software solutions

KeyRocket teaches continously and improves how much employees use in-house tools such as add-ins.

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Safe & Secure

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Can I install KeyRocket on my work computer?

Yes! KeyRocket is installed in many corporate environments and works with firewalls and proxies.

Will KeyRocket slow down my computer?

No! KeyRocket runs in the background and uses minimal system resources.

Does KeyRocket collect any sensitive personal data?

No! KeyRocket just looks at how you work, not what you're working on. It doesn't look at any text such as passwords, emails, etc.

What Is KeyRocket?

KeyRocket is a software tool that makes you more productive with keyboard shortcuts. See KeyRocket screenshots.

Stay in the flow

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to focus on your work without distracting mouse clicks.

Shortcuts You Don't Know

KeyRocket only suggests shortcuts that you need, so you're not overwhelmed with unneeded key sequences.

Learn While You Work

KeyRocket makes learning new shortcuts effortless and doesn't interrupt your workflow.

KeyRocket shows notifications when clicking with the mouse
KeyRocket screenshots:
KeyRocket offers statistics for tracking learning success

NEW: Create Your Own Shortcuts

KeyRocket lets you assign a custom keyboard shortcut for almost any function.*

Get Additional Shortcuts

KeyRocket adds over 40 essential keyboard shortcuts that are missing from Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.*

Enjoy Auto-Detection

KeyRocket automatically spots functions you use often and enables you to create custom shortcuts.*

Works with your favorite programs

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
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KeyRocket is available in English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

* For Custom Shortcuts support see our full list of supported applications and versions.

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KeyRocket offers statistics for tracking learning success

Stay Motivated

KeyRocket encourages continuous learning with a handsome statistics dashboard that tracks your progress.

Beginners and Experts

KeyRocket adapts to fit your specific needs.

No Configuration Needed

KeyRocket is smart and works right out of the box. There's no need for additional configuration unless you want it.

Enterprise ready

  • Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook shortcuts
  • Microsoft Visual Studio shortcuts
  • Personal Statistics Dashboard
  • Updates for 12 months
  • Mass deployment via MSI
  • 24/7 Priority Support via Telephone & Email
  • Other 3rd party/inhouse systems on request

How does KeyRocket Work?

Quick Example

Sally installs KeyRocket and starts using Word. KeyRocket notices that Sally habitually uses the mouse to center align her text and suggests that she use a shortcut instead (in this case, Ctrl + E).

Not Your Dad's Office Assistant

From the moment you finish installation, it starts learning how you work. It doesn't get in the way by showing you shortcuts for actions you hardly ever perform. After you've learned a shortcut, KeyRocket stops showing recommendations for that action.

Constantly Learning

KeyRocket is always learning - constantly recalibrating its recommendations based on your current level of knowledge. This process keeps you continuously learning, and you can track your progress with an integrated Statistics Dashboard.

Teaches What You Need to Know

KeyRocket's teaching algorithms and user interface were developed through research at one of Germany's top universities. It constantly adjusts which shortcut recommendations to show you and when to show them to you based on your workflow and frequently used actions. You can also fine-tune your notification preferences manually.

Sounds simple enough, but it’s taken years of research and development to create software that adjusts to your unique learning and working style.

'Become a Microsoft Office monster with KeyRocket.'

'When you put it like KeyRocket, keyboard shortcuts surely are worth learning.'

'KeyRocket can train you to work faster naturally'