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stunning design!

SlideProof Agenda is the PowerPoint solution to build a table of content for your presentations.

  • Structure – Arrange your content clearly
  • Efficiency – Automatic updates without manual effort
  • Design – Create you own stunning layouts


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How it works


SlideProof Agenda creates structure in your presentations faster than ever before

  • Instant: add sections and subsections without interruptions and with minimal manual effort
  • Focused: the current section is highlighted by changing the color and increasing the font size
  • Integrated: the agenda is tightly integrated into PowerPoint which makes it easy to use from the start


SlideProof Agenda saves time and enables you to avoid any mistakes

  • Flexible: the options menu lets you include slide numbers, time-slots, responsible person and much more
  • Automatic: the agenda is updated to the correct slide order with minimal manual effort
  • No Mistakes: helps you avoid mistakes like wrong slide and section numbers


Choose from a wide variety of designs from the library or create your own agenda designs

  • Designs: access a wide variety of stunning agenda designs in the SlideProof library
  • Customize: instantly change the layout by applying a design from the library
  • Create: easily make you own stunning agenda designs to suit your company brand

How to use

  1. Select the “Agenda” icon under the Slideproof ribbon
  2. Add sections and subsections by typing in the section name and pressing the “Enter” key
  3. Use the “Agenda Options” menu to add/remove table of contents, slide numbers, time-slots and much more
  4. Select “Update Agenda” to correctly order the agenda and to update the slide and section numbers

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