Avoid mistakes – use SlideProof Check!

Detects and fixes mistakes to ensure flawless presentations.

  • Checks – Content, formatting, layout for over 80 rules
  • Fast fixes – Correct any mistakes in just one click
  • Customization – Customizable rule-engine


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How it works



SlideProof Check makes sure that the content does not contain any mistakes such as:

  • Double spaces: indicates when there are two consecutive spaces in the content text
  • Footnotes: indicates missing footnotes or footnote references and duplicate numbers
  • Other: update agenda, wrong slide numbers, hyphenated words, proofing language and much more!



SlideProof check makes it easy to keep consistent formatting and detects errors such as:

  • Color scheme: indicates if the font, fill or outline color deviates from the color scheme
  • Font: indicates if the font style or size is different to the master
  • Other: text box margins, bullet format, shape effects, title tab and much more!



SlideProof check ensures a professional result by detecting layout inconsistencies such as:

  • Alignment: indicates that the left edge of the highlighted shapes differs while the right edge is aligned
  • Workspace: indicates that a shape or text box is partly outside the workspace
  • Other: placeholder layout, harvey ball ratio, source box position, cell margins and much more!

How to use


  1. Click the “Check” icon under the SlideProof ribbon
  2. Select the warnings directly or toggle through them
  3. Fix the warnings in the slide or in the check pane

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