EY SlideProof is a PowerPoint add-in which enables you to hold up EY document quality and to boost PowerPoint productivity at the same time. On this page we’ve assembled helpful resources.


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Quick Overview

  • Agenda – Automatic section dividers, page numbers and topic highlighting in EY formatting.
  • Library – Quickly insert slides, shapes or images from the shared EY Library.
  • Check – Spot and fix inconsistencies in content, formatting and layout.
  • Productivity – Many vital helpers from email as PDF to switching object positions.


Contacts and support

Most frequent questions

How to setup a Team Library

  1. Go inside SlideProof Settings and click the “…” next to “Library Team”
  2. Chose a shared location
  3. Publish .PPTX Documents into the Team Library by clicking “Publish”
  4. Ask team members to set the same Team Library location in their settings
  5. Any team members that have read access to the folder you selected will now see your published materials

Note: To set a SharePoint URL go to your Browser in the Documents section of the SharePoint Teamsite, then click “Library” and “Open in Explorer View”. Then copy the URL of like: https://share.ey.net/sites/GSA-Advisory/Slideproof_Docs/

How to create a Client Master Template or other EY template

Creation of the master is slightly advanced. Feel free to get in touch at any point.

  1. Save the template file as .pptx
  2. Make the necessary modifications
    1. Agenda Design: Agenda > Edit Agenda Layout, then make edits
    2. Bullet formats: View > Master, then make edits in the content placeholder of the “Slide Master” which is the slightly bigger first slide
    3. Custom placeholders: add any
    4. Clean-up: delete any slides an elements that should not show up when creating a new document
  3. Click underneath Publish and chose Master

How to get a EY SlideProof license?

  • Click the “Activate EY SlideProof” button, select your service line and click “Register”. Then after EY internal approval you will get license after 1-2 weeks. There is no further confirmation message

I don’t see the “Activate EY SlideProof” button, can I still get a license?

My Library is empty. How can I see the EY content?

  • Make sure you have an @xx.ey.com address in your SlideProof Settings
  • You might have the non-EY version of SlideProof installed. Close PowerPoint and install from here

Who handles the Library? Who to contact to add something new?

  • Dila Coskun, see in Contacts above