How to use – Check


2.1 Check Presentation
2.2 Navigate Warnings
2.3 Fix Warnings
2.4 Customize


2.1 Check presentation

  1. Select “Check” under the SlideProof ribbon to check the entire presentation
  2. Use the fold out menu if you want to limit the check specific parts of the presentation
  1. The check engine will scan through the presentation and open a warning overview in the selection pane


  1. The check menu will appear in the selection pane and shows warnings for each slide
  2. Use the meter to show warnings set at lower levels
  1. You can also select the “tree” button to sort “Warnings by Type”
  1. Selecting the warnings will make them visible directly in the presentation
  1. You can also use the arrows to toggle through the warnings in the presentation


2.3 Fix Warnings

  1. The easiest way to correct warnings is to click on “Fix” in the selection pane
  1. Another way is by clicking “Fix” or the “F” key directly in the slides warning menu
  1. Undo the fix by clicking “Undo” or use the “U” key
  1. The “Warnings by type” menu makes it easy to fix all warnings that are the same type
  1. By selecting the “Tools” button you will see a detailed overview of the warnings and be able to do specific changes


2.4 Customize

  1. Customize the Check tool by selecting the “Settings” icon under the SlideProof ribbon
  1. The menu enables you to customize which level each warning should appear on
  2. It’s also possible to  to disable warnings completely if they are not relevant
  1. This can be also be done in the selection pane and in the slide warning menu
  2. Click on the drop down arrow next to “Fix” to open the menu
  3. Drag the meter to the desired level according to priority or disable the rule if it is not relevant to you


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