A template is indispensable to your company; it reflects your visual identity and should be used by all your collaborators.

To create a template, first open a new presentation and switch to slide master view (tab ‘View’).
You can now modify the slide master to your liking.

    1. Add any content to the slide master that you don’t want your users to change, such as header, footer, background, color formatting, fonts… Make all changes to the master slide, it’s linked to the slide layouts. Don’t modify other slide layouts, because it might break this link. When your master slide is ready, you can start working on the slide layouts for some details.


    1. In particular, you should define in your master slide:
      • Fonts: choose only one for all your presentations. Fonts should not be mixed in a presentation.
      • Colors theme: Slide Master > Background > Colors > Customize colors
      • Proofing language
      • Guides: in particular for the workspace. Tip: try to pick round numbers for the guides (12,00 instead of 12,06 for example). Right click > Grid and guides > Add vertical/horizontal guide
      • Placeholders: content, text, picture, chart…
      • Bullet points in the text placeholder


  1. Slide layouts should be at least the following:
    • Title Slide
    • Title and Content
    • Title Only
    • Two Columns
    • Blank

For more details or if you need any help, write at help@veodin.com

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