To ensure SlideProof is running correctly, please follow the instructions described on this page. If you have any questions please write to or call +49 30 6098 6645 (Germany).


Please check your machine fulfills the following requirements:

1. Check if SlideProof is installed

Open Windows Control Panel and switch to installed software. Ensure Veodin SlideProof is listed as installed.

If it’s not installed,


2. Check if SlideProof is loaded in PowerPoint

Start PowerPoint. Switch to the SlideProof Ribbon.

2.1 If SlideProof Buttons are visible but disabled or grayed out

3. Check installed PowerPoint Add-ins

From the PowerPoint Options, check if Veodin SlideProof is listed under “Active Application Add-Ins”.


3.1 If SlideProof is listed under “Inactive Application Add-ins” or “Disabled Application Add-ins”:

If SlideProof caused a problem, PowerPoint might disable the Add-in. In that case:

  • Close PowerPoint
    • Use the Task Manager > Details to ensure POWERPNT.exe is not running
  • Download
  • Extract all files to your desktop
  • Double click the file that fits your PowerPoint version. For example when using PowerPoint 2013, start the file Re-Enable SlideProof PowerPoint 2013.reg

3.2 Check the registry entries for PowerPoint

  • For “per user” installation: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software\Microsoft\Office\PowerPoint\Addins\VeodinSlideProof.Connect
  • For “per machine” installation HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software\Microsoft\Office\PowerPoint\Addins\VeodinSlideProof.Connect
  • Expected Entries:
    • Description: ‘Veodin SlideProof’
    • FriendlyName: ‘Veodin SlideProof’
    • LoadBehavior: ‘3’

4. Check PowerPoint Trust Center Settings

  1. Ensure “Require Application Add-ins to be signed by Trusted Publisher” is not checked.
  2. Ensure “Disable all Application Add-ins (may…)” is not checked.

If any setting needs to be changed, a restart of PowerPoint is recommended.


5. Check Trust Center Settings for Message Bar

  1. Ensure “Show the Message bar…” is chosen.

If any setting needs to be changed, a restart of PowerPoint is recommended.


6. Run the SlideProof Diagnostic Tool

  1. Navigate to the installation folder of SlideProof
    1. per user installation: C:\users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Veodin\SlideProof\3.x.x\
    2. per machine installation: C:\Program Files (x86)\Veodin\SlideProof\3.x.x
  2. Double click the file VeodinSlideProofDeploymentUtils.exe
  3. A ZIP file named will appear on your desktop
  4. Please send the file via email to and request assistance

7. To receive a complete log file during installation

msiexec /i VeodinSlideProof_Frontier_Setup.msi /l*v InstallLog.txt

8. Try to activate the add-in

  1. PowerPoint > File > Options > Add-Ins > COM-Add-Ins > Go
  2. Enable SlideProof
  3. Check the message about run-time eerrors

9. Manual registration of the add-in (per user)

If you need to manually register the add-in:

  1. On the source machine:
    1. Zip all files from AppData\Local\Veodin\SlideProof
    2. Transfer to target machine
  2. On the target machine:
    1. Extract the files (preferably to AppData\Local\Veodin\SlideProof)
    2. Make sure to unblock all files via File properties > Unblock
    3. Run cmd as administrator
    4. Switch to [INSTALLDIR]\X.X\
    5. Run VeodinSlideProofDeploymentUtils.exe /Register “[INSTALLDIR]\X.X\VeodinSlideProof.dll” CurrentUser Shim

Contact us with any questions.


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If SlideProof does not uninstall try: