From the KeyRocket community we have extracted the most used Microsoft Excel 2007 keyboard shortcuts.

All the shortcuts in this list are part of the core of what any Excel user should master.

Download your free copy of KeyRocket and learn all the Excel 2007 keyboard shortcuts quickly and easily.

Shortcut Description
Arrow Keys Move the selected cell around quickly without using the mouse.
F2 Directly edit the active cell’s formular. (Instead of clicking the formular bar with the mouse).
CTRL+CCTRL+VCTRL+X Copy, Cut and Paste the selected cells.
CTRL+Page UpCTRL+Page Down Switches to the next or previous worksheet.
CTRL+Z Undo the last command
ESC Close or cancel the current dialog.
CTRL+PlusCTRL+Minus Insert or removes cell in the currently selected range.
CTRL+ALT+V Paste Special (for example paste without formatting, or paste formats or values only).
CTRL+1 Opens the formatting options for the current cell.
ALT+F2 Opens the ‘Save As’ dialog.
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