Berlin, 21 February 2012 – KeyRocket, software that recommends keyboard shortcuts while you work, where it matters; tied for first place and a free table at LAUNCH Festival 2012.

KeyRocket, which recently opened its Beta Version to the public, was rated 9/10 at TWiST Berlin, an international televised meet-up for young businesses, in which 19 Berlin startups pitched their ideas. KeyRocket’s ability to save time and money for businesses made it a clear choice. Judges were impressed with KeyRocket’s database of over 1,200 keyboard shortcuts, simple integration and never-before-seen personalization to each user.

TWiST Berlin judges scored each company based on product idea, progress and business plan. KeyRocket tied for first place and won a free $1,500 ticket to the conference and demo pit at LAUNCH Festival 2012 in San Francisco, 07 and 08 March 2012.

LAUNCH Festival will feature over 100 businesses and $360,000 in prizes. KeyRocket will be featured in the demo pit, where 40 technology companies will debut new products to lawyers, investors, venture capitalists, head hunters, angels and other interested supporters.

KeyRocket Wins TWiST Competition (PDF)

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