I love this blog post from Scott Hanselmann: The Web is the new Terminal: Are you using the Web’s Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys?

He describes in detail how you can save a lot of time with keyboard shortcuts with some of the most common web applications.

In particular I like his conclusion for a web standard with shortcuts. Maybe its time for an opensource project to make it easy to add these shortcuts to any web app? What do you think?


Like it or not, there’s a standard brewing on the web. Not only should you have accesskey support (should have done this years ago) but also extensive keyboard shortcuts if you expect your users to spend serious time with your application.

At the very least, I think it’s fair to say that these are de facto standard shortcuts now on the web and you should think about what that means for your application:

  • J, K to move up and down
  • Enter to select or expand
  • G + some letter to Navigate (Goto)
  • / for Search
  • ? for keyboard help

Read the full article over on Scott’s blog.