We here at Veodin Software, are very proud to announce that after a lot of long nights, we are officially launching our flagship app KeyRocket out of beta testing! KeyRocket is a shortcut trainer/notifier that optimizes your workflow by helping you integrate keyboard shortcuts into your daily routine.

Keyboard shortcuts are great timesavers and many users try to learn them every day. However, shortcuts are hard to find and difficult to remember. With KeyRocket, the days of having to manually search for keyboard shortcuts and then print long lists or scribble them on Post-it(TM) notes are over.

The user can continue to work uninterrupted while the shortcuts appear in notification windows at the bottom of the screen. In a recent study on shortcuts conducted at the Technische Universität-Berlin, participants described KeyRocket’s well-designed learning and reward system as ‘fun’ and ‘nonintrusive’.

‘KeyRocket started because I wanted to master all the keyboard shortcuts but I was too lazy to sift through all the different lists. What I needed was a software that would understand my behavior and help me without slowing me down.’  – Jan Mechtel, CEO and inventor of KeyRocket

KeyRocket is the first program to understand how the user works and provide relevant keyboard shortcuts. Positive reinforcement and progress charts then accelerate the natural learning process. KeyRocket’s approach to user experience (UX) and human learning is developed by Dr. Nina Gérard (PhD, User Psychology, Technische Universität-Berlin).

KeyRocket is free for non-commercial use. It supports shortcuts for Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word in both English and German. KeyRocket’s recommendations are chosen from a database of over 1,600 shortcuts. Supported operating systems are Windows 7, XP and Vista. An Apple OS X version is planned.