Use the keyboard keys + to insert a row in Excel without the mouse.

To insert more than one row:

  • Use + to select the entire row
  • + or + to select more than one row
  • + to insert the same number of rows you selected.
  • An interesting thing to know:

The formats are taken from the row above the one you selected. So if you select a white row and the one above has yellow background, the newly inserted row will have yellow background.

+can also be used to move cut rows or insert copied ones. Just select a row, cut it with keyboard shortcuts+and paste it somewhere else with+

Inserting rows in Microsoft Excel is something most of us number crunchers do a lot.

Adding the row with a keyboard shortcut (some people might call them hotkeys) is much easier.

Inserting rows in Excel with this keyboard shortcut works in Excel 2010, 2007 and 2003.

You can use the plus sign on the numblock as well.

Also learn how to remove cells.

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