This Friday Microsoft ran a hackathon in the darkside bakery inviting geeks to hack Metro Apps in 12 hours. Stefan Hintz, Uwe Hartmann and me (Jan Mechtel) decided to go and here is what we got:

A timeline of our small adventure:

Phase 1 – What’s out there?

We really liked Z TypeQWERTY Warriors 2 and Type Racer

Phase 2 – Brainstorming

After a lot of wild and complicate ideas we decided that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Phase 3 – Preps

The preparation install Windows 8 (worked like a charm), VS2012, What’s a game Loop in Metro? Sounds,

Phase 4 – Action

The Action begins: 18:00 Intial commmit of blank template project

18:45 Uwe joins the team

19:15 2 more guys consider joining but eventually go for a receipe web app (in hindsight the team would have been a bit large ^_^)

20:39 Basic game models (Uwe)

21:26 Mocked word loading (Uwe)

23:15 Loading word list from file completed (Uwe)

00:28 Game mechanics working (Uwe)

01:24 Render Targets and different X,Y positions (Jan)

01:29 Listen to KeyUp Event (Uwe)

02:29 Layout Overhaul (Score, Text, Background, Splash Screen) (Stefan)

03:01 Basic enemy picture (Stefan)

03:06 Moving and generating targets (Uwe)

03:08 Score for every right keystroke (Uwe)

03:13 Tried Value Converter for coordinates (Uwe)

03:50 Finished Words are killed added (Jan)

04:14 Background Music and Laser Sound Effect (Jan)

06:00 FINISH: Game Over Page, 6 more Enemy Templates, increase speed (Jan+Stefan)

P.S.: If you want the game just send me an email to;