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– Hey Growth Hackers aspirants! We are happy to announce that we’ve already found our Kick-Ass Growth Hacker! That means the process is closed… but we still have something for you! Don’t give up yet and take a look at our blog post about the new KeyRocket member! –

Before we get to the super secret four steps, lets take one step back: why do you need help?

Version 1.0 of your product is launched? All that’s missing are those XXX million users? That’s our situation too: KeyRocket 1.0 was released May 22.  KeyRocket is the best way to master keyboard shortcuts, check it out for free. Then we only need (500 million – 1) users. Unfortunately you (and we) are not General Motors and need something cheaper than a VP Marketing with a 10 million USD budget for facebook ads alone. What you [and we at KeyRocket] are looking for is called a “Growth Hacker” by many:

“A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth. Everything they do is scrutinized by its potential impact on scalable growth.”

Source: Startup Marketing Blog and another nice follow-up from Andrew Chen How to be a growth Hacker

So how do you find this guy? This is our top-secret 4 step plan:

I. Find out how others are doing. (Find cool job ads to copy *cough* imitate).

II. Write the coolest job ad of them all. (This is what we came up with: KeyRocket – Growth Hacker Wanted)

III. Spread the word.

IV. Choose the perfect match.

>> Profit

More details on the steps are below. And because rage comics make everything better:

Get in touch now via @janmechtel or jan@keyrocket.com  (If this plan works and you are a marketing expert/growth hacker ;-)

I. Find out how others are doing

We powered up our Google and went to see how others recruit co-founders. The most clever stuff we found:

  • Carwoo wrote a blog post complaining about the lack of application for their classic job ad on hackernews
  • Provide a simple market place/survey for people looking for co-founders, then talk to all the interesting candidates:
  • Can you sell air?” Not exactly for a co-founder, but funny copy nevertheless.
All in all, job ads for growth hackers/co-founders seem a lot less creative than what one might expect (especially compared to how people fish for devs.)

II. Write the coolest job ad of them all

Not to keep you waiting, we locked ourselves up and came up with this: KeyRocket – Growth Hacker Wanted

III. Spread the word

What we did:

  • Status-Updates on Google+, Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn, Twitter, submitted to Reddit, HackerNews, Inbound.org
  • Tell everybody you meet about it.
  • Send an email to everyone you know (it’s harded than you think)
  • Send another email
  • Ask a question on quora
  • Post is to startup job-sites
  • Talk to other growth hackers

IV. Choose the perfect match

Before we chose we have to wait for candidates, so more on this later, after we talked to people. According to Inc. picking the perfect match is as complicated or easy as picking a spouse: “Why I Have Sex With My Co-founder

That’s it our 4 secret steps to hiring a kick ass Growth Hacker. If you are still reading please help us spread the word and recommend us. ;-)

If after reading this you wish you were a Growth Hacker read below and then apply to @janmechtel or jan@keyrocket.com.

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