As Katja alluded to earlier, KeyRocket has been growing fast. We just moved into our forth office in one year. See the progress for yourself.

  First KeyRocket Office

Details not available.

KeyRocket's Second Office - TU-Berlin

 Shared WYSIWYG Office – TU-Berlin. What you see is what you get. This office was perfect when there were only four of us.

KeyRocket' s Third Office - TU-Berlin

Development Office – TU-Berlin. This is one of two offices we had over at TU-Berlin (Franklinstraße). The other one was exactly the same, so I’m not even going to bother posting a photo. It was great while we were there!

New Front Office - BACKFABRIK.

New Front Office – BACKFABRIK.

New Development Office - BACKFABRIK.

New Development Office – BACKFABRIK. As you can see we have many more desks and that means many more people. We are happy in our new sunny offices and happy to welcome several new team members (introductions to come soon).