KeyRocket Shortcut Database Infographic

Do you want to impress others at work? Take a look at the new KeyRocket Shortcut Database and become that geek in the office who doesn’t use the mouse at all.

Have you ever wished you were that cool geek in the office who can manage the computer only with the keyboard? If so, take a look at the new KeyRocket Shortcut Database, which includes a list of over 1,700 shortcuts for Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and Windows Explorer. You can even download the document as aPDF and save it for later.

Just dive in to the Shortcut Database using CTRL+F to search the page for the specific shortcut you need. For example, you are trying to do a nice looking document in Word with an awesome table featuring some stuff like borders and shadows. Simply search for ‘table’ or ‘border’ and you’ll get the shortcuts in less than a second.

Beyond your reputation, your productivity will improve too, because our Shortcut Database will help you avoid getting lost in the 520 million results that Google shows when you enter the query ‘keyboard shortcuts’. In fact, globally the word ‘keyboard shortcuts’ gets around 60,500 queries in Google search engine per month.

Ok– so we are not being complete up front with you. We created the Shortcut Database to show you how many shortcuts are out there and how overwhelming it can be. Why? Because we have a better way to learn keyboard shortcuts!

KeyRocket looks at how you work (mouse clicks etc.) and suggests the keyboard shortcuts that you could be using instead. So you never have to look at lists of shortcuts ever again. So while we hope you find our Shortcut Database helpful, we also hope that you will download our free shortcut app. :)