Twitter ShortcutsEven though our KeyRocket software only supports the Microsoft Windows Office Suite and Windows Explorer (for now!), we declare ourselves Shortcut Geeks of all sorts.

We love to know that we are cutting time by half by not using the mouse and we make it a mission here to  boost productivity with the help of the keyboard. Today we will talk about Twitter shortcuts.  Personally, my keyboard shortcut experience doesn’t end with KeyRocket. As a Gmail and social media user I rely heavily on shortcuts.

That is why I decided to give you a quick tutorial of how to use the essential Twitter Shortcuts to navigate the site’s timeline and use Twitter like a pro. 

  • The first thing you should know is that the complete database of Twitter shortcuts can be seen as a popup in the Twitter homepage, using the question mark (?). Please note that it doesn’t work if your cursor is on the search box. 

  • The Twitter keyboard shortcuts are pretty easy as the commands are triggered most of the time with a single letter. You can mark a tweet as a favorite with the letter F, reply using the R, retweet with the T, send a Direct message with an M and composing a new tweet with the N

  • Also, you can navigate the site using single letter shortcuts such as Enter/Space for scrolling through the end and using the dot (.) for loading new tweets .For the timeline commands you just have to use the G letter and another accompanying letter. For example if you want to return to Home, you just press G+H at the same time. 

  • For loading lists use the G+H keys.

Top 10 Twitter Shortcuts:

1. Press (?) to see Twitter shortcuts

2. Mark a tweet favorite with F

3. Reply using R

4. Retweet with the key T

5. Direct message with the M

6. Compose a tweet with N

7. Use the (.) for loading new tweets

8. Use  Enter/Space for scrolling

9. Use G+H to return to home

10. For loading lists use G+H keys

Tip: There is no need to memorize the whole chart, just see what commands you need the most and incorporate them in your daily twitter use. You’ll see the difference a few keyboard shortcuts make in your social media productivity.

What other keyboard shortcuts tutorials do you want us to cover? Have further questions? Hit us up at @keyrocket and let’s talk about it!

One Response to “Top 10 Twitter Shortcuts (Shortcuts are Everywhere)”

  1. Cheryl

    I am going crazy on Twitter….every time I type the letter “i”, Twitter immediately opens a new tab with my personal email there… My email starts with imCheryl… so every time I type the letter i…and it’s A LOT I’m having to jump back and forth from Twitter and Yahoo email and close out the email tabs and go back to Twitter to TRY and complete my tweet. Any advice????


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