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Are you one of the great candidates who answered our Kick-Ass Growth Hacker job ad? Well, the process is closed, but… don’t give up yet.  Continue reading, because we have picked one but are gonna keep all the awesome resumes we received!  KeyRocket may need more help in a near future.

So, you’re probably asking yourself -‘Why wasn’t I chosen for this great position’,  ‘I was perfect for KeyRocket and KeyRocket looked perfect for me!’.

You should know we weren’t looking for something specific. Instead, we wanted to be surprised!  So we went deep in to all kinds of profiles (junior, senior, those with a lot and a little experience, etc.). And after more than a month of searching, we have had the chance to meet a lot of people face to face and find out how many professionals are out there… It was simply overwhelming!  In fact, we were so glad that our ad made its way to the first page of Google results! Maybe that helped to get the best candidates around!

Growth Hacker ad got KeyRocket a place in the first page of Google results!                  

So KeyRocket growth hacker candidates, keep checking our blog, because we will announce soon the profile of the winner. And when KeyRocket gets more and more downloads… maybe you will be the next Kick Ass Growth Hacker at KeyRocket! You can start to help us growing just sharing with the world how useful keyboard shortcuts are in your daily work ;)

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