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Our trainer/reminder app for keyboard shortcuts, KeyRocket (Download) is an “old school” Windows Desktop application. On the one hand this is great for the user because it allows KeyRocket to get tips right on the desktop. But on the other hand, it requires users to not only decide to use the application, but also to download and install it.

So for us optimizing our “installation rate” is key. Because out of 100 people who click “Download” only around 50 finish the installation.

Windows Desktop Software download and installation Funnel

From a user perspective downloading and installing involves the following steps:

>> Visit Landing Page (KeyRocket.com)

  1. Click Download – 100 (wait for the download)
  2. Click “Setup.exe” – ???
  3. Click “Run” (the Windows security dialog) – 59 (“conversion rate” 59%)
  4. Click “Install” (the actual installer) – 56 (“conversion rate” 95%)
  5. (wait for the installation to finish, impatient people might cancel or proxy failures might occur)

>> KeyRocket installed – 52 (“conversion rate” 93%)

With that many steps you probably understand why 50% of users drop out.

We will focus our optimization efforts on the steps 2 and 3. We need to find out: why do users download the “Setup.exe”, but not start the installation? Unfortunately we have no analytics/tracking event between the two ;-(

List of optimization ideas

Step 2 – User did not run “Setup.exe” because:

  • They expected something else
  • The browser prevents starting setup.exe (e.g. Internet Explorer with SmartScreen, see this article on verified publisher)
  • Their antivirus prevents starting setup.exe
  • Their corporate IT policy prevents starting setup.exe

Step 3 – User  did not click “Run” because:

Next we will try to validate some of these reasons and talk to users why they don’t run the setup.exe. Also we will experiment with an “email” first approach so that we email users instructions how to download and setup.

It would be great if you could share your experience about download/installation rates so that we know how good or bad we are doing and share best practices.

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