KeyRocket Gmail Chrome Extension Screenshot

KeyRocket now supports Gmail shortcuts thanks to the KeyRocket Google Chrome extension available in the Chrome Web Store.

KeyRocket has added cross-platform support for Gmail shortcuts in the form of a Google Chrome extension. It works on Chrome for both Windows and Mac OS X and does not require that the KeyRocket desktop app be installed. The extension is free of charge and can be downloaded immediately from the Chrome Web Store.

Keyboard shortcuts represent low-hanging fruit in the quest to increase computer productivity because they are everywhere, including web apps like Gmail, and don’t require any major adjustments to normal routine. The problem is that they are difficult to find and remember. KeyRocket addresses each of those issues and now it does it for Gmail.

The KeyRocket Chrome extension brings the same effortless approach to learning keyboard shortcuts, that had previously only been available to Windows and Microsoft Office users to Gmail by recommending shortcuts via a small notification window whenever it recognizes the use of an unnecessary mouse action.

Inbox Inefficiency Vanquished at Long Last – KeyRocket Now Supports Gmail Keyboard ShortcutsChrome Extension Press Release (PDF)