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Like Timothy Ferris says ‘less is not laziness’, so reducing your working hours and boosting your productivity at the same time can be possible!  At KeyRocket, we love productivity overall and have compiled what we consider the best tips and tricks to bring efficiency to your workday! Give it a shot. :)

6 productivity tips to get things done

For all those workers who dream of a shorter workday with more time for leisure, we’ve got some suggestions! How many hours from your 8, 10 or 12 hour workday are you really productive and getting things done (GTD).  Now imagine that you only have to work the peak hours and get the same (or even more) money, and be free the rest of the time!

Do you think it’s impossible? Well, here at KeyRocket  we are always working on how to do it, but still have a lot to learn! So we took a look at some productivity statistics and efficiency tips to get inspired.

The first thing we found is that some countries manage it quite well! People in Luxembourg and Norway work less hours than any other country in the world and the percentage of their respective gross domestic product (GDP) per capita and labor productivity are the only positive ones and over 50!

Now, the question is how do they reach these figures? Technology and business intelligence may have an important roll there. So it looks like we have two options: move to Luxembourg or Norway and adopt all their ‘rules’ on efficiency. Or maybe we should just start with these useful productivity tips:

  1. ‘Less is not laziness. Focus on being productive instead of busy’, Timothy Ferris says. His ‘The Four Hour Workweek’ is a wise source to start a new and enjoyable lifestyle.
  2. Take in account the paradox about leisure:  ‘If we feel too busy, it’s probably due to having too much free time’, according to a study published in Psychological Science.
  3. Try the 50 Minutes Rule. When your brain is working at full capacity, it burns more glucose than other activity. So if you take short breaks around each hour, you’ll be fresh for a new round of work.
  4. Avoid multitasking. Staying focused on one thing can boost your individual productivity by about 25%. That’s 50 to 75% for an entire company!
  5. Make technology your boost and not your brake! Choose the apps that best fit with your daily tasks, master them and discard those that only slow down your computer.
  6. Use keyboard shortcuts, duh!: We’ve found that a person using shortcuts instead of mouse actions can  save around 30 minutes per 8 hour workday.

KeyRocket can help you to achieve the last point whether you mostly work in Gmail, Microsoft Office or Windows Explorer. Just download it for free and start to master keyboard shortcuts and productivity!

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