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As we mentioned before we are now a big international team! We want to introduce the main faces. Today we start with the founders, because without then KeyRocket would not exist.

Sketch - Jan Mechtel - KeyRocket Founder

Jan Mechtel, founder and product owner grew up in East Berlin. During his studies of International Business at ESCP Europe in London, Paris and Berlin, he completed internships in big multinational companies (Merrill Lynch, McKinsey & Company).  Qualified in business studies, he worked as a team manager in financial controlling for four years at the software company Ableton AG; considerably enhancing his commercial/business knowledge.  His stays abroad led to not only fluent English, but also numerous international software contacts. After leaving Ableton, he worked as a freelance programmer, leading several small software projects and continuously deepening his programming knowledge.

Name: Jan Mechtel

Title: Founder, Team Product & Marketing

Interesting fact: I am an Excel geek and I love my 1-year-old son and beach volleyball.

Favourite shortcuts:

  • CTRL + SHIFT + N: for new folder
  • F2: to edit cell in Excel
  • Alt+Tab: to switch windows
  • Windows + Shift + Left/Right arrow: to put window on my second screen
  • Windows + K: to bring up the KeyRocket Shortcut search ;-)

Sketch - Matthias Mayrock - KeyRocket Founder

Matthias Mayrock, co-founder and head developer, studied computer science in Regensburg. Later, he worked for several companies, continuously expanding his programming skills. His strengths lie in the fields of cross-platform application programming & planning and realizing large-scale software projects. For the past seven years, he was also employed at Ableton AG as Application Development Team Manager. There, he worked as technical and disciplinary team leader being involved in numerous release cycles of the down-market software “Ableton Live“.

Name: Matthias Mayrock

Title: Co-Founder, Development

Interesting fact: I like solving problems, getting amused on Reddit and contemporary art. I come from Bavaria, where the Oktoberfest and the beer come from. But I’m not proud of that fact, so don’t tell anybody.

Favorite shortcuts:

  • Win+E: to open Windows Explorer
  • Win+L: to lock my computer
  • Win+Arrow-Left and Win+Arrow-Right: to pin windows
  • Ctrl+R: to reply on an E-Mail
  • Ctrl+Enter: to send an E-Mail