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It’s no wonder how an iPhone has revolutionized the way we view technology. This little yet powerful gadget has come a long way and has done its part in changing our lives with its amazing apps that never cease to impress. If you’re always on-the-go and are looking for more ways to increase your organization skills, time management, and productivity, here are some apps that can let you solve your office needs faster and make you fall in love with your iPhone even more.

  • ¬†Diacarta Planner

    Let’s face it–planning your busy day can sometimes be boring. But thanks to Diacarta Planner, organizing your day’s activities just became more fun and enjoyable. By having over 50 icons to choose from to represent your tasks for the day, you never have to worry about missing any important meeting, lunch with a friend, or that crucial presentation. Price:$1.99

  • Evernote

    Ideas come in the most unexpected times and places–and the people behind Evernote acknowledges this fact by creating an app that allows you to document all those “Eureka” moments through notes. Evernote makes it easy for you to remember all your ideas, tasks, and other important goals by allowing you to create text and audio notes and store them into separate notebooks so that it’s organized. Sync these notes across your other devices, and you’ll be sure that you won’t miss a thing. Price: free

  • Dragon Dictation

    Work becomes a little stressful when you’ve got a lot on your hands. Well, it’s time to say goodbye to using your fingers whenever you text or email messages that slows down your pace–say hello to Dragon Dictation, a voice recognition app that lets you speak your text and email messages with ease, allowing you to save more time and let you accomplish your tasks faster. Price: free

  • Skydrive

    This simple yet useful app can turn your iPhone into the ultimate storing gadget. With Skydrive, you can access, manage, and share your files with your iPhone, even when you are on the move, from any device. Price: free

  • LogMeIn

    Ever find yourself in a situation when you happen to forget that one important file during your big presentation? Trust us, it happens quite often. When faced in a similar situation, LogMeIn comes to the rescue- the app allows you to access your PC or Mac from anywhere, anytime. Price:free

  • Podio

    Project management and handling a team can sometimes pose as a challenge. Podio recognizes the need for simplifying things by allowing you to set up workspaces for you and your team, as well as delegate tasks with ease, all in one place. Save time and get things done instantly with Podio! Price:free

  • Priorities

    Ah, to-do lists. Who would’ve known that they can change the way we do things? Make your to-do lists easier to access and to accomplish through Priorities, one of the best to-do lists app in the market right now. You can add alerts, due times and dates, save and create templates, and sync with other devices, allowing you to accomplish all your tasks and be organized instantly. Price:$2.99

  • Inkflow

    Inkflow is an app that lets you be creative with your ideas as soon as they come. Unlike apps that let you take down notes, Inkflow allows you to draw images when ideas strike the most. It’s perfect for visual thinkers and the creative types, and perfect for anyone who likes a little fun to go with their ideas. Price:free

  • Expensify

    Productivity also means having control over your expenses. If you are always on the go, budgeting and computing your expenses every month can be both time-consuming and difficult. With Expensify, you can easily sync your credit cards and track purchases instantly. Expense reports are then created, and sent to your email. If that doesn’t spell out convenience, then we don’t know what else can. Price:free

  • Quickoffice

    If you frequently use Microsoft Office programs, then Quickoffice is for you. Create, access, and use Office programs from your iPhone when you are on the move. Sync files with Dropbox or Google Docs, so you can access your files from one place. Price: $14.99

5 Responses to “10 iPhone Time Management Apps for Your Office Needs”

  1. Amisha Ekaant

    Our daily lives are filled with multiple tasks that can be made easier with the right tools. iphone and smartphone applications are specially designed to reduce our burden, to save time, lower costs and increase our overall productivity.

    In today’s workplace, everyone’s workload has increased, making productivity and to maintain time management skills is very difficult. However, i would suggest that everyone should use good time recording software to manage your schedule. I found one best time tracking application recently, Here’s the link – ( http://www.replicon.com/olp/online-time-recording-software.aspx ).

  2. Felix

    Nice resource guys. You also need to add a couple more:

    – ProofHub.com : We couldn’t live without this awesome project management tool!

    – Uservoice.com : Community feedback done well / helpdesk.


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