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As you all know, last week KeyRocket introduced Shortcuts for Gmail, a keyboard shortcut trainer that reminds you of the shortcuts that you use the most to boost productivity. Since it appeared in the  Google Chrome Web Store it has been receiving  amazing feedback and we are already planning to develop for more Google products.

I have been using Gmail since the beta version appeared and as a power keyboard shortcut user I was ecstatic when they introduced the shortcuts. Without a doubt they help you to be productive, but  the biggest problem is taking the time to learn them all.

Good news! You don’t have to memorize all of them, just keep in mind these top 10 useful Gmail shortcuts and let our app tell you if you need to master some more!

  1. The C letter lets you compose an E-Mail ( note that Shift C lets you compose an email in another window)

  2. Tab + Enter sends the E- Mail

  3. Using the S lets you star a message or conversation

  4. Pressing (/) will take your cursor to the search box

  5. Use R to reply an email

  6. The letter F forwards a message

  7. G + C  Take  you to your contacts

  8. G +I returns you to Inbox

  9. Insert Hyperlink with Ctrl+K

  10. Use ? for a list of all shortcuts in Gmail

Our Google Chrome extension will make you even more productive, teaching you the shortcuts you’ll need. With these shortcuts at your fingertips (pun intended), it’s only a matter of learning what they do, and luckily for the technologically challenged, most of them are pretty intuitive. Make sure to check what browser you’re using, because not all shortcuts will work in all browsers.

By the way, what are your favorite or most common Gmail shortcuts?

Comment below or hit us @keyrocket.

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