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There are 66 different keyboard shortcuts┬áin Excel that will allow you to do navigation, selection and manipulation; but it sure is going to be a hassle to memorize them all! That’s why these top 10 Excel shortcuts that we’ve compiled will absolutely make you and Microsoft Excel the best of pals. Because out of those 66 shortcuts that were mentioned you’ll only probably use 10 or 20 most of the time. The rest is just there in case you need to.

Top 10 Excel Shortcuts - Image

So let’s take a look what they are:

  1. F11 – Create a chart from a range of data Creating charts for a whole bunch of data can be difficult to do, if you’re not using excel or don’t know what the function 11 does. Good thing you were able to read this article because the F11 shortcut key is your reliable key when it comes to chart-making.

  2. CTRL+K – Add Hyperlink Rather having to punch in “Alt-Tab” all the time to copy the URL links to add to your worksheet, just click “Ctrl” and then the letter “K” on the keyboard, then type or paste the designated URL onto it.

  3. CTRL+Arrow keys – Navigate around the workbook If you’ve got more than a thousand entries in your workbook already, then you know as well as I do that your Excel spreadsheet looks like a jungle when you attempt to navigate around it. So here’s something that will help you out, try the Ctrl+Arrow keys and you’ll navigate around it faster.

  4. ALT+ES – Paste Special > Values There are special characters and values in Excel that cannot be simply copied and pasted, and for that it is good to use these instead – ALT+E or S, depending on whether you’re pasting a special character or you are pasting values.

  5. CTRL+1 – Format Great for formatting text boxes, cells, charts and many more.

  6. F4 – Change cell reference style while editing formulas The F4 hotkey changes the cell referencing style on your worksheet as it is obviously tiresome to navigate from A to 2. With this arrangement you’ll have more control over your Excel working environment.

  7. CTRL+ (Colon or Semicolon) – insert current time and/or date Sometimes you really don’t have the time to type the date or the time a particular link or article was created, maybe that’s exactly the reason why the Microsoft guys included this hotkey function to insert the date and time in an instant.

  8. F2 – Edit a cell There is no need to elaborate on this one as it obviously speaks for itself.

  9. CTRL+T – Insert Table Turning cells into tables is one of Excel’s features that most data entry operators love, because it’s very convenient to use when you want to convert a bunch of data into bite sizes readable materials.

  10. CTRL+SHIFT+L – Turn on/ off filters You don’t have to manually delete all the filters you set when you do ad-hoc analysis, just clear them all at once by using the Ctrl+Shift+L keys and pressing them two times. By using these keyboard shortcuts, your work efficiency in Excel should improve by 40%, so that if you used to complete a task in 1 hour, now you should be able to finish it in just 40 minutes or less by applying what you have learned today. Good luck!

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