KeyRocket Chrome Extension Screenshot

Berlin 09 August 2012 – Last week Berlin-based Veodin Software GmbH released KeyRocket for Gmail and within its first week in the Chrome Web Store it has 10,000 active users.

KeyRocket for Gmail, a Chrome extension created by Berlin’s Veodin Software has garnered over 10,000 users within its first week and shows little sign of slowing. Indeed, it is quickly becoming more and more prominent in the Chrome Web Store.

The extension, like its desktop counterpart, alerts users of potential keyboard shortcuts for Gmail whenever it recognizes that particular mouse actions were made. For instance, if a user uses the mouse to press the Compose Message button, KeyRocket for Gmail would notice and suggest with a small Growl-style window that they could have simply pressed C instead.

KeyRocket for Gmail Gains 10,000 Users in First Week (pdf)

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