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Did you ever stop and think how much time you could save if you used keyboard shortcuts every day? The guys at Brainscape have the answer and we can tell you that they’re onto something huge!

You know what they say, repetition is the key of learning. That’s how the guys at Brainscape got the idea to create an application that teaches you how to save time at work by memorizing your most used keyboard shortcuts.

They did an interesting test to see how much time a user wastes when he uses the mouse instead of a keyboard shortcut and the results are pretty amazing. According to their calculations, a user could save an average of 8 days per year if he were to use keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse clicks.

Brainscape is all about learning how to do things faster and increasing productivity to such a high level that no time is wasted time. Do you know how much more productive you could be at work if you knew all the keyboard shortcuts to Gmail or Excel?  Brainscape calculated that we usually waste about 2 seconds per minute using our mouse instead of keyboard shortcuts. That’s the same number we at KeyRocket came up with.

Formula showing the time saved with keyboard shortcuts.

Here’s Andrew Cohen, founder of Brainscape, explaining how spending 15 to 20 minutes a day learning the most important keyboard shortcuts can help us save time and work more efficiently.

Video: Increasing productivity by using keyboard shortcuts

Want your 8 days back?

Sure you do, and Brainscape can teach you how to do it.  If you’re working 8 hours a day like most people, using keyboard shortcuts is a must. Not only does it save you days of work, but it also boosts your productivity by over 3%. This might not look like a big number, but when you do the math, saving 8 entire days of work out of 240 is huge.  For any company with hundreds of employees, a solution like this can help them save time but also money.

First step – memorize your keyboard shortcuts easily with the Keyboard Shortcuts* app. It is available for both iPhone and iPad and it’s totally free, so why not download it today and give it a go? This app is ideal for when you’re travelling and aren’t able to use KeyRocket on your computer. Indeed, Brainscape helps you practice your keyboard shortcuts while you’re on the go. So, no matter where you are, at your desk or at a coffee shop in another your country, KeyRocket and Brainscape can help you learn shortcuts easily.

So, how can this app get you to learn these shortcuts without making you feel like a high school teenager that’s memorizing stuff for a test? The Brainscape app uses cognitive science and a fancy algorithm that repeats flashcards in the right pattern to make it easier for your brain to absorb new information faster.

For example, if you want to open a new tab in your web browser, you usually take your mouse and move it to the “+” button, then click on it, then switch to the keyboard and type in the URL address. But how about you do this faster and easier with a simple keyboard shortcut like ‘CTRL + T (or ‘CMD + T’ on a Mac)? This alone saves you a few seconds, so imagine how much time you could save if you were to use keyboard shortcuts for most every command.

You can browse and search through the hundreds of flashcards available to find the keyboard shortcut you need to use. Also, the tool tracks your progress so you can see how much your productivity has increased over time.

About Brainscape

For those of you who haven’t already heard of Brainscape, the team includes former executives from The Princeton Review and Kaplan and cognitive scientists from Columbia and Yale. Their work focuses on helping people learn things faster and easier.

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