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Twitter is all the rage these days, mostly because it is an excellent place to stay up to date on the latest tools and resources that will help you accomplish what you need. In this article, we’ve gathered together 10 of the most useful Twitter accounts to make you more efficient.
 Marissa Brassfield 1. @efficient: This account belongs to productivity expert Marissa Brassfield. She regularly sends out tweets relating to efficiency for CEOs and other business people.
 Tibbr 2. @tibbr: Tibbr is a tool to help optimize your social media and networking so that you can connect employees, clients, and friends. Better yet, it allows for the flow of data and information between the various hubs of your company. Their Twitter account offers tips and free stuff on a regular basis.
 Google Facts 3. @GoogleFacts: As much as it can seem like a waste of time reading trivia, Google Facts provides tidbits that can actually help you come up with creative solutions to problems. The more you know, the wider the spread of options you have before you.
 Jonah Lehrer 4. @jonahlehrer: To learn about human psychology, tweets from Jonah Lehrer will get you well on your way. He’ll help you learn to manage a group of people and create an efficient and enjoyable work environment.
 Federal Ed Resources 5. @FreeResources: This account is great for teachers who don’t want to spend so much time tracking down resources that they can legally use. Federal Ed Resources tweets about specific types of resources for the time of year or age group.
 Brave New Code 6. @bravenewcode: Learn how to use software like the Adobe Creative Suite or set up a website with WordPress. Brave New Code offers tutorials and sends out info about collections of resources on the topics you need to work in an online setting.
 Tami Brass 7. @brasst: Also great for teachers but others as well, Tami Brass will tell you how to combine technology with a learning environment. Businesses have something to learn from her too, especially if they are trying to integrate iPads and other devices into their workflow.
 Shelley Fishel 8. @shelleyfishel: Shelley offers courses in Microsoft Office, but also free time-saving tips through her Twitter account. A lot of her advice centers around common tasks that you will perform on your computer.
 Paula Rizzo 9.  @ListProducer: List making isn’t the only productivity habit you’ll learn from Paula Rizzo. In fact, she pretty much runs the gamut, tweeting tips and tools that will help you be more efficient in your personal and in your professional life.
 KeyRocket 10. @KeyRocket: Keyboard shortcuts can cut down the time it takes to do every single project and following KeyRocket will teach you how. But it also offers a lot more, including retweets from other accounts so you can get all your advice in one place (now, isn’t that efficient?). :)

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