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The Internet has truly revolutionized the way we perform and work, whether at home or in the office. With a lot of help from the technology, maximizing employee performance has never been this easier.

Every individual yearns to yield productivity so that they get work done effectively and efficiently. In order to increase productivity, it’s always essential for a person to achieve optimal employee performance–and the key to this would be as simple as organizing to-do lists, managing time properly, and getting a little help from the Internet through web applications that will sure heighten employee performance.

There are a lot of web applications that can truly make an employee’s workload a little lighter. If you want to make it a point to work with efficiency, here are the top 10 web applications that you can take advantage of so that you can focus, be organized, and be productive.

SlideRocket App
  1. DropboxDropbox is an application that allows you to store all your files into one place. Using Dropbox will allow you to sync your files with all your computers, the Dropbox website, or mobile phones. Talk about organization!

  2. SlideRocketPresentations are just a part of your regular 8 to 5 job, and if you want your presentations to look mighty fine and memorable, make sure to install the SlideRocket application. It allows you to create beautiful slideshow presentations that can truly give your presentation an edge.

  3. WunderlistSometimes, you become too loaded with tasks that it’s hard to keep up and remember what to do next. Thankfully, Wunderlist is there to organize your to-do lists and sync them into your mobile phone or computer. With Wunderlist, you’ll never miss that important meeting again.

  4. SketchpadIf your work involves basic graphic design, Sketchpad can truly be of service. This application lets you draw basic graphics for your simple design needs. Sketchpad comes with a paintbrush tool, texture stamp, and a spiral brush.

  5. Google DriveGoogle Drive boasts of a free 5GB storage to let you store all your important files in one place. Sync your Google Documents and edit them in real time, and share it easily and quickly. You can access your Google Drive from anywhere, anytime.

  6. Listhings App
  7. ListhingsNo one wants to deal with disorganized notes. If you want your notes and to-do lists presented in an organized and tasteful way, Listhings is the web application for you. With a beautiful design and sticky notes that are truly helpful, it’s easy to fall in love with this app.

  8. The DeadlineDon’t you just wish that you have a personal assistant to help you manage and organize your tasks? With The Deadline, it’s now possible. Project and task management is now made easy with The Deadline’s easy to use interface and effective tools.

  9. Zoho WriterWriting is a serious task–and if you belong to the handful of writers who find emailing projects back and forth with clients inconvenient, then Zoho Writer is for you. Zoho Writer lets you access, share, and edit your documents easily anytime, from any computer.

  10. Sumo PaintSumo Paint is the best web application for editing images. If your work revolves around graphic designing for websites, then this application will definitely make your life easier.

  11. WeeblyEvery reputable business needs a website that can attract potential customers. If you want to create a website from scratch the easy way, then Weebly is your perfect choice. Simply drag and drop within its interface, and within minutes, you can create a blog or a website.

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