Windows 8 Interface

As we prepare for Windows 8 to be released to the general public on October 26, 2012, KeyRocket will give you a glimpse of some essential Windows 8 shortcuts that can definitely aid you in increasing productivity and help you get the job done effectively.

August is definitely an exciting time for Windows enthusiasts, as Windows 8 officially graduated from its development stage and was initially released for manufacturing.

The new version has a lot to bring to the table, and we also found out that there are several Windows 8 shortcuts you can use to make your Windows 8 a more efficient experience. You can definitely benefit from Windows 8’s 23 new hotkeys, especially if you value your time and want to make the most out of it. Here are some essential Windows 8 shortcuts:

Metro ApplicationsĀ 

Windows 8 has a classy new interface that is based on “Metro” environment. It acts as a mini-dashboard about everything you need to know about what’s happening on your PC–from the number of unread emails or other notifications from your applications.

  • Win + Z = This shortcut will allow you to access an application’s options.
  • Win + . = If you want to snap a specific application to the left, simply hit the Win button plus the period.
  • Win + Shift + . = Use this shortcut if you want to snap an application, this time to the right.
  • Alt + F4 = This shortcut closes an application.


Searching for programs, files, or applications is now made easy with these new Windows 8 shortcuts.

  • Win + Q = Using this shortcut will allow you to search for applications on your PC.
  • Win + W = Set your search settings by hitting this shortcut.
  • Win + F = Searching for your PC’s files has never been this easy–just hold the Win button and then press F.


Using shortcuts is definitely a quick and easy way for you to bring up your desktop, especially if your job requires for you to open a lot of multiple windows or tabs.

  • Win + D = This shortcut instantly opens your desktop.
  • Win + , = If you want to take a quick peek at your desktop, then using this shortcut helps.
  • Win + B = Hitting this shortcut will take you back to the desktop.


The Charm bar is a recent addition to the Windows 8 interface. Here are some Windows 8 shortcuts to access the Charm bar with ease.

  • Win + C =This shortcut allows you to open all charms.
  • Win + Q = If you want to search for something located in the Charm bar, this is the keyboard shortcut to use.
  • Win + H = Windows 8 has the capability to let you share charms. This shortcut will make it easier for you to do so.
  • Win = Starts the Charm bar.
  • Win + I = Holding the Win button plus I will bring up the Charm settings.

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