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Google TipsLove it or hate it, Google has a monopoly on searching the web. That’s why you should know these Google tips and tricks to make your search experience easier so that you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for, every time.

  1. Choose the right words: Internet search engines like Google will search for the exact words you put in, so it’s important to make sure that you pick the right ones. So instead of asking a question, it’s worth typing in the keywords of that question, especially nouns, verbs, and locations.

  2. Don’t worry about spelling: Google is able to correct most spelling errors, so you don’t have to worry about getting your search terms exactly right. Unfortunately, sometimes this means that it will change a word’s spelling even if you don’t want it to (e.g. a band’s name with an unusual spelling), but luckily you have the option to return to your original spelling.

  3. Track your shipping status: One nifty feature of Google is the ability to track packages sent with UPS, FedEx, or USPS. You can simply type your tracking number into the search bar and your results will appear.

  4. Access definitions: If you just want to know what a word means, you can type “define: word” and Google will spew out the definition you are looking for. It really couldn’t be any easier.

  5. Check US flight times: By putting in the airline and flight number that you are looking for, you can easily access the schedule for that flight. Remember, this only works for US flights.

  6. Do math: You can type out or copy and paste any math problem into Google’s search bar. Just hit enter and the search engine will display the results for you.

  7. Watch your stocks: In order to get the latest information on any stock, type in the ticker symbol and Google will provide an up-to-date status. The results will even update live as the numbers change.

  8. Forget typing and use photos: If you use an Android mobile device, you can open up Google Goggles and snap a picture of whatever you want to look for. This is useful for on-the-go searching, for example if you want to look up a book or CD but don’t have the time to type it all in.

  9. Use keyboard shortcuts to flip through results: After you have completed a search, you can use Tab+Enter to get to the result you want. Just hit the tab key until you have reached the one you want to open, and then press Enter. Easy and fast, right? Check how many keyboard shortcuts you can use in Google search and in Gmail!

  10. Find things by location: Add in the zip or postal code after any search to bring up results based in a certain area. This is especially useful for travelling or looking for new restaurants or shops in your area.

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