KeyRocket for Gmail Web Chrome StoreAfter 10,000 installs in the first week, an average rating of 4.63 stars and coverage by important tech websites, KeyRocket for Gmail is now featured in the Chrome Web Store. Haven’t tried it yet? Don’t be the last to speed Gmail tasks by using KeyRocket for Gmail. 

Since it was released on the past 31 July, KeyRocket for Gmail has made a quick  trip to the ‘must have’ extensions for Chrome: the extension got 10,000 installs in just 5 days and gained 4,63 stars while several online tech blogs, like Lifehacker, Thenextweb or Makeuseof,  reviewed it positively. This week, the Chrome Web Store featured the extension on it’s homepage.

KeyRocket for Gmail brings the chance to use keyboard shortcuts to all Gmail users. Plus it’s cross-platform, so anyone can use it. The extension is available in the Chrome Web Store and KeyRocket has prepared a tutorial which explains how to start using the extension in order to take advantage of all the shortcuts in  Gmail.

If you haven’t found out yet how much time you can save by using keyboard shortcuts for Gmail, just give it a try and you’ll be the first answering emails and getting your inbox to 0! Then you will wish you had an app that would let you speed up your tasks in other programs… Wait! We actually have one: KeyRocket also runs on Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer. Download it today and you’ll be done with work sooner.

KeyRocket for Gmail: A Must-have Extension Featured On The Chrome Web Store (pdf)

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