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Berliner Tech ListIs your company a startup? This is your week! Find through these events everything you need to know and take the essential steps to reach the success: good business advices and exclusive opportunities to get venture inversions! And check out our Twitter feed for daily reminders ;)

Monday 3 September

Venture Lounge: Internet, Media & Games. Founders and VCs can get in touch through this event. Eight selected entrepreneurs will present in 8 minutes their ideas in order to get some venture capital. But you are welcome if you just want to participate and listen the pitches. From 1.30 pm to 6 pm at ICC, Messedamm 22.

Tuesday 4 September

Quantified Self Business Meet & Greet. Interested in QS related business? This is the perfect meeting to connect with it if you are an startup, developer, designer or entrepreneur. From 8 pm at Brunnenstrasse, 197.

Wednesday 5 September

Neuland-conference. This event runs until Friday  to  join German and international entrepreneurs from internet, media, telecommunications and technology with leading financial and strategic investors. Good chance to get tuned on the networking industry. From Wednesday at 9 am to Friday at 8 pm. At NHow, Stralauer Allee, 3.

Thursday 6 September

Real-Time Berlin. All the people interested on new media and technology are welcome to this XV Real-Time Berlin event, an exclusive network meeting, with no program, just bring ideas!  From 7 pm at Tagesspeiegel, Askanischer Platz, 3.

Friday 7 September

Startup Ideation Bootcamp. Through this intensive and collaborative workshop you will improve your startup idea and set up the strategy to make it real. From 7 pm to 9.30 pm at YouisNow Startup-Inkubator.

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