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tabbed browsingThanks to Mozilla Firefox, internet browsers of all kinds now consider it standard to use tabbed browsing. The main benefit of tabbed browsing is that you can see all your tabs at once, making it easier to jump back and forth between pages that you want to keep open, without cluttering up your screen with so many windows. Google Chrome has conveniently included keyboard shortcuts to help you master tabbed browsing to make the experience smoother and more efficient. Here are the main shortcuts you should be aware of.

  1. Open new tab: CTRL+T.

  2. Switch to the next tab (or back to the first one if you are at the far right): CTRL+Tab. You can also use CTRL+PgUp or CTRL+PgDown to switch back and forth.

  3. Switch to a specific tab: CTRL+1. Replace “1” with the number of the tab you wish to switch to, starting from the left. However, keep in mind that pressing CTRL+9 will always switch to the last tab, no matter how many you have open.

  4. Open the last closed tab: CTRL+SHIFT+T. Normally, you would have to go into your history to do this, but this shortcut will save you the search.

  5. Jump to the address bar: CTRL+L.

  6. Open a new window: CTRL+N. This is technically not a tab shortcut, but it’s worth including because it can often be confused with CTRL+T. You can have several windows open at once and each window can have a number of tabs open in it. This is a good way to organize your tabs by subject if you need to have a lot of them open at once, for example, if you’re doing research. This works well in combination with number 3.

  7. Close the current tab: CTRL+W or CTRL+F4.

  8. Go to your homepage: ALT+Home. This will open your homepage in the current tab or window.

  9. Open a link in a new tab: CTRL+SHIFT+click.

On a Mac, all of these commands work the same, except CTRL should be replaced with Cmd. With a bit of practice, you’ll have these keyboard shortcuts for tabbed browsing in Google Chrome memorized in no time. But if you need some help to keep going, there are a lot of apps that can make it easier. And remember that KeyRocket show you how to use keyboard shortcuts for Gmail┬áin Chrome.

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