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Love it or hate it, Excel can be a useful tool. It’s certainly a necessary one in a lot of cases, so we decided to gather together some keyboard shortcuts to help you accomplish your spreadsheet tasks  Excel Columns and Rowsand make Excel columns and rows as quickly as possible.

  1. Ctrl+Space: This one is great, because if you say it out loud, it reads, “Control space,” and really, who wouldn’t want to control space? What it actually does is select an entire column in a worksheet, which is also pretty cool.

  2. Shift+Space: Similar to the above, this shortcut enables you to select an entire row. (You can combine these two into Ctrl+Shift+Space to select the whole worksheet, too.)

  3. Arrow keys: When used in conjunction with numbers 1 and 2, the arrow keys will move your selected row or column to the one you want.

  4. Alt+Shift+Arrow keys: This combination allows you to group areas.

  5. Ctrl+ + and Ctrl+-: Add and remove columns. Using this shortcut can definitely cut down on Excel time, because you can quickly type this in, instead of using your mouse to add in new columns, and this is a task that we generally do a lot of.

  6. Home: Pressing this key will move you to the beginning of the current row.

  7. Shift+Delete: Select only the active cell when a group of cells is selected. This shortcut is perfect in tandem with numbers 1 and 2, because you can easily switch back and forth between a single cell and a row or column.

This collection of Excel shortcuts can save you time, so that you can get on with the fun part (or at least the important part) of what you do. And if what you do is Excel, then it will let you do that faster, so you can do more of it.

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