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Remember The Milk for Twitter
While some people prefer to use Twitter to let the world know that their cat is cute or that it’s sunny where they are, others use it to keep themselves and others organized.

Productivity tools for Twitter allow you to kill two birds with one stone, as it were, by combining social networking with keeping yourself on track. Previously, we compiled a list of Twitter accounts that can help make you more efficient. This time around, we’re looking at productivity tools to combine with Twitter.

  1. Remember the Milk: This application uses direct Twitter messages to set up and manage your task list. You can even set up tasks for others who sign up for the free service, so it’s a great way to organize your team without spending too much time bogged down in organizational slogging. The setup is simple, but it does take a few minutes and requires confirmation for each user from Remember the Milk before you can start using it.

  2. TwtBizCard: For people who hate keeping track of physical business cards, you can now set up a virtual business card through TwtBizCard and Twitter. Once you fill out the basic information that you would include in a business card normally, you can send direct messages that include the hashtag #twtbizcard. This creates a link for the recipient to click to view your virtual business card.

  3. Just Unfollow and ReFollow: These two tools sort of go together. They are both monthly subscription services and you probably don’t need both. Just Unfollow allows you to see who you’re following who isn’t following you back. Then you can simply unfollow all of those people, so that you can manage your tweeting much more efficiently. ReFollow has a similar functionality and then some. It enables you to do things like see who’s following you who you’re not following (the opposite of the above), search for keywords, sort accounts by when you started following them, and more.

  4. Tweriod: With this application, you can maximize productivity by figuring out when you should tweet for maximum exposure. Tweriod presents information in easy visuals, so that you can set up a Twitter schedule that will be worth your while.

  5. Dlvr.it: Not only for Twitter, this tool automatically posts your new blog posts to all of your social networks. It even keeps track of retweets, clicks, and other information for you, so that you can see how well individual posts are performing. Although it has its own link shortener, you can also hook it up to your bit.ly account if you prefer.

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