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“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original”, Sir Ken Robinson.effectively creative

The problem with being effectively creative is that you can’t fake it. However, you can develop it; it just takes a little practice and, sometimes, some unlearning of old habits.

So the first step to being effectively creative is to let go of pride and worry. When trying to come up with a creative solution or a new take on an old concept, there is no right or wrong answer, because it’s a new thing.  Without creativity, we never would have mastered fire or built a car or come up with the latest best marketing program.

The other thing about being effectively creative is to let go of the idea that your idea has to be the best. It doesn’t. It just has to work to fulfill the need at hand. Maybe someone else would have done it differently, even more effectively. But that doesn’t matter. Worrying about those things will only lead to a stifling of the imagination, which will mean that no new ideas will ever be entertained and life, business, and art will slog along over the same old ground day in and day out.

David Kelley has spoken about the importance of building up “creative confidence.” This idea can be key in overcoming imaginary barriers to becoming effectively creative.

Here are a few techniques to start stretching the creative mind:

  1. Step back and see if there’s something outside of the immediate problem that can come to bear on the situation.

  2. Test-drive ideas before setting them in motion with massive impact.

  3. Don’t dismiss anything out of hand, even if it seems silly or impossible.

  4. Don’t listen to the naysayers, unless they actually have valuable input. It’s generally pretty easy to recognize the difference.

At some point, you will find that thinking creatively comes naturally, and rightly so. It is a natural thing, after all, but sometimes it gets driven out of us or we forget to draw on that strength of ours. If we can remember how to tap into our creative mind, solutions and ideas are sure to start to appear from all sides.

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