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“Life leaps like a geyser for those who drill through the rock of inertia” – Alexis Carrel

First Hour At Work

Do you have tons of work on your “plate” today or for the rest of week? Try tweaking your first hour at work and see for yourself the amazing improvements that it can do.

Without us realizing it, the first hour has a big impact over the rest of your workday so it’s very important to have a morning process that sets you up for victory. According to Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and the author of the “Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant”, “Having a good start to the day when you have higher energy levels is significant in achieving better results, and greater occupational accomplishment”.

Famous workplace and career experts like Taylor, David Shindler, Alexandra Lavit, Anita Attridge and Michael “Dr. Woody” Woodward all agree on the importance of the first hour of work in setting up your attitude and tone for the rest of day. This vital window can either make or break your focus and direction, and that is why we are featuring expert tips on how to use this window for a great and productive day. So here they are:

  1. Taylor advocates always arriving at your workplace on time or a little earlier. This can help you do a little planning and prioritizing, and can even set up your mood for the rest of day.

  2. Michael Kerr says that slowing down is the key. People who hurry to get things done on the first hour could induce panic upon themselves and to others around them. A little calm before diving into work can do wonders in setting up your direction and priorities for the whole day.

  3. David Shindler believes that you should treat your each day at work as a fresh start. Leave any crap that had happened to you yesterday behind, be grateful of the present and be ready to capitalize on opportunities that lay ahead. Always be ready to hit the ground running with your intellect and creativity at full power.

  4. Michael Kerr and Taylor further said that it is very important for you to organize your day during the first hour of work. Learn to prioritize first. Most people get confused with this and they start their days with less important things like checking e-mails. Rather than starting with “putting out fires” and dealing with problems, do the most high-value part of your work first. This makes your outputĀ more valuable and easier to do because you have better focus and clearer thinking because your mind and body are still “fresh” in the morning.

  5. Put your whining and complaining on hold. Michael Kerr adds that a single rant early in the morning can contaminate an entire team and put everyone off-track. So spare yourself and your team from frustration and keep the negativities on hold at least in the first hour of the workday.

  6. Make most of the time that you spend while traveling. If it takes you an hour to get to your office, make that hour work for you and get yourself organized. You can do your mental prioritization while driving, or take the liberty to jot down your most important tasks if you’re on a train or bus. What’s important is that you spend your travel time preparing for an effective and productive day so that you already have that winning mindset when you get to the office.

Go and try to apply these simple but effective tips to help you start your day right. They’ll definitely set you up for a more focused and effective day. And just like KeyRocket, these will help you get things done faster!

2 Responses to “How to Hack the Most Crucial Hour of Your Workday”

  1. Jan Mechtel

    I like how you have a ton of people saying “prioritize your day in the first our” and then others saying “do some actual work in the first hour”


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