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Gmail Secrets

For most of us, Gmail has become the email platform standard. It’s useful, it’s free, and very easy to use. The guys at Google also make sure that their email service stays on top of its game by continuously rolling out features almost every other month. That is why we came up with this article to update you on Gmail secrets and tips on how to make the most of your email experience. Here they are:

1. Virus protection measure

Gmail blocks most executable file types. If you need to send EXE or DLL files to friends or co-workers, use something like DropSend, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

2. Open and read files online

Most file attachments sent via Gmail can be opened and read online without having to download the file. File type attachments like PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and RTF files are all included in this feature.

3. Play MP3 files

Just like the other file attachments, you can play MP3 files that were sent via Gmail without downloading them to your computer.

4. Manage different email accounts

You can integrate all your email accounts (even for other email services) into one Gmail account. You can receive and send your emails from your other accounts with a single Gmail account. To do this, just go to settings then to the Accounts and Import tab. You can then configure the Send Mail As function and the POP3 settings. Once the POP account is configured, simply click Add Account and Gmail should be able to show emails from your other accounts like magic.

5. Relocate old emails from Outlook and Mozilla

You can use Gmail Email Uploader when you want to relocate old e-mails accumulated in Outlook, Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird to your Gmail account.

6. Get organized through labels

Receiving so many emails in one single account needs a good email management system. To address this, Gmail came up with the use of labels. By applying labels, you can easily search and sort emails in a flash. Assign a label to an email by selecting the email, hit the more actions drop down the menu and choose from the labels that you already have. You can also create a new label from this dropdown menu if you want to.

7. Visual prioritization

You can also apply color coding to your labels to indicate prioritization or any scheme that you might want to use.

8. Add events straight from your emails

The More Actions menu enables you to add events to your Google Calendar straight from your emails.

9. Create your own email rules

Gmail lets you generate rules that mechanically apply labels to your messages as they reach your inbox.

10. Find attachment files

Searching your inbox for a mail that came with an add-on or attachment is easy. Simply type in the file name of the attachment in the search box your emails with that file name immediately comes up.

11. Smart Reply

Gmail also has one feature known as Smart Reply, which automatically recognizes and assigns which address to use in from field.

12. Experiment with Labs

There are tons more of features that Gmail is experimenting with. If you want to get access to those new features, go to settings > Labs and then you can easily select the feature you want to try from the list.

These are just some of the cool tips and features that can make your Gmail experience more delightful and productive. Don’t be afraid to try them out, they were put there to make your email experience better. Besides, you can always revert back to your old settings and use Gmail the way you are most comfortable with. Enjoy!

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