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Google Drive Shortcuts

“Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.” – Leo Babauta

A few months back, Google officially launched its online storage service, Google Drive. It offers 5GB of virtual storage and allows users to work with others in real-time (as you can currently do in Google Docs).

It also includes the ability to share content with others, add and reply to comments, and receive notifications for new comments on documents or files. On its own, this is a pretty neat service from Google, but what we really like is that they included keyboard shortcuts to make life easier for us users. So without further ado, here are our most useful Google Drive shortcuts:



J Find the way to and highlight the next item
K Find the way to and highlight previous items.
X For faster selection of highlighted items.
Shift + A This key selects all the visible items.
Shift + N This shortcut clears all the items.
G then I This leads you to the document list.
G then C To go to collections.
O or Enter This is to open an item.
S This is to highlight with a star or un-star.
“.” A full stop short keys purpose is to share.
Z To organize.
Shift + T To generate a fresh manuscript.
Shift + S To produce a novel worksheet.
Shift + P To create a new presentation.
Shift + D To construct a new illustration.
Shift + C To craft an up-to-the-minute collection.
C This performs the function of displaying and creating a new menu.
U This shortcut key shows the upload menu.
A To show the action menu.
R This puts on view the sort menu.
V Use this keyboard shortcut to see the view menu.
/ This key helps you easily get access to the search box.
D This closes the detail sheet.
G then N This brings up the navigation panel.
Shift + Down This shortcut is for selecting the next items and the current items.
UP By using this key you can easily select the previous items.
Down This shortcut key is to select the next item.
Shift + Up This keyboard shortcut is for selecting the previous and the current items.

Hooray for Google Drive! It not only made our lives easy, but it made it much easier with these keyboard shortcuts. You may not realize it, but it’s been estimated that using keyboard shortcuts saves you 2 seconds every minute. That translates to saving a total of 8 working days every year. That’s a lot of time that you can save and instead use on other worthwhile endeavors. If you want an easier way to learn other useful shortcuts keys, download KeyRocket, the simple and fun way of learning keyboard shortcuts to help you improve your productivity.

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