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Youtube Shortcuts

Who knew that everyone’s favorite video site uses keyboard shortcuts! To scrub through a video or change settings like volume, simply make sure that the video is the last thing you’ve clicked on.¬†Then you will be free to use all of the following Youtube shortcuts and more!

 Youtube Shortcuts

  • Some of these shortcuts may not work properly in older browsers. Also, the number pad does not always work the same way as the number keys across the top of the keyboard. If you are having trouble getting your Youtube shortcuts to work, make sure that you have just clicked on the video itself.
  • The good news is that a lot of these shortcuts also work for embedded videos outside of the Youtube website itself. Some people have had difficulties trying to get them to work in full screen mode, but they work just fine for others.
By the end, these shortcuts can make your viewing experience smoother and more enjoyable by keeping your hands off the mouse. In this way, changing the volume or skipping ahead don’t have to distract your from the video you are trying to watch ;) Have you ever imagined an easiest way to watch Youtube videos?

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