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Blackberry Shortcuts

In this digital age, almost everyone has a need to stay connected with their peers via the Internet. And with the current advancements in mobile technology, you no longer need to stay glued to your office chair to stay on top of news, emails, and other online updates. BlackBerry smartphones nowadays let you do most of the tasks that you used to do solely on personal computers.

You can now browse the net, receive and send email, do word processing, make spreadsheets, watch videos, take pictures, and a whole lot more from virtually anywhere. It’s really cool that you can now take productivity with you wherever you go, but what’s even cooler is that you can further bump up that productivity by using key shortcuts that come with your smartphones. So here are a few Blackberry keyboard shortcuts to keep that efficiency on the go:

1. Scroll to the Very Top or Very Bottom of Your Inbox.

Many of us receive hundreds of messages everyday and going from the top to the bottom of your inbox with a key shortcut can save you a lot of time. If you want to fast forward to the top of your inbox, you can press the letter “t”, and press “b” to go to the bottom of your inbox. These two navigation shortcuts will definitely help you save time when sifting through your inbox, so use them frequently when processing your email.

2. Reply, Forward, or Delete.

You can also save some time forwarding or replying to e-mails by using the following shortcut keys. Simply press the letter “r” to reply to an email or press “f” to forward an email quickly. If you want to delete an e-mail, simply press the DEL key on your QWERTY keyboard, and that’s it!

3. Get Help in an Instant.

Holding the ALT key along with the letter “h” will open the help screen in OS6 BlackBerrys and older versions. In OS7, typing the word help brings up the help icon to launch the app.

4. Hack Your BBM Like a Boss.

There’s also BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) shortcut that you can use to save up on time. Simply press the “Space Bar” to jump quickly between your Chats, BBM groups and Contacts without scrolling through all your BBM Contacts and open conversations.

5. Email Addresses are Easy.

Save some time when typing email addresses by pressing the spacebar once to add the symbol @ instead of pressing Alt + P. And if you need to add periods or dots, simply press the spacebar key again.

6. Jump From Day to Day in Your Inbox.

While in your inbox, pressing “N” will take you to the following day’s messages. Alternatively, hitting the “P” button will bring you back to the previous day’s messages.

7. Play That Funky Music.

When playing music from your playlist, hitting “N” will play the next song in the list, and pressing “P” will play the previous song in the list.

8. Zoom In and Out.

When browsing, you can press the letter “I” or letter “Z” to zoom in or zoom out of the page that you’re viewing.   These handy keyboard shortcuts on your BlackBerry device can definitely improve your mobile productivity. Try them out and try to use them as often as you can to improve your recall. We’re sure that you’ll be able to do more with your BlackBerry in far less time. Enjoy!

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