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Because tech inventions are out there to make our lives easier, as KeyRocket does, we’ve gathered together some of the coolest ones that have just been launched along this year. With so much interesting work going on out there, it was a tough call, but here are some of the latest tech developments that topped our list, in no specific order. Check them out, and if you have the chance… try them!

1. Light-Field Camera by Lytro.Light-Field Camera by Lytro

This camera has a built-in function that allows the user to fix the focus on a picture after it has been taken. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. Ren Ng, CEO at¬†Lytro,¬†invented the technology during his doctorate at Stanford University, but it took six years to get it out on the market.

2. Virtual Reality Goggles by Google.

These goggles offer up information about the things you are looking at, including coupons or special events that might be happening at a specific location. They might also be used for real-world virtual reality games or even to help identify people or recall previous interactions with them, based on facial recognition software.

3. Hydrogen-Powered MacBooks by Apple.

Fuel cells that use hydrogen instead of regular batteries are the latest thing at the Apple factory. This technology for portable devices is still in its early stages, but the renewable energy will make those devices both longer-lasting and lighter. And let’s not forget the fact that users won’t have to depend on the ongoing exploitation of fossil fuels.

3D Printable Objects By PirateBay4. 3D Printable Objects by PirateBay.

The popular file-sharing site has upped the ante with a section called “Physibles“. In essence, these are photos or images that can be printed out as 3D objects, as long as you have the right kind of printer.

5. Lifebook 2013 by Fujitsu.

Who wouldn’t want a laptop that acts as a carrying case for all your other portable devices? The Lifebook has slots for your tablet, digital camera, and smartphone, so that all of these items merge as one thing to carry.   No matter what your favorite tech invention is from 2012, there is no doubt that these five items are pretty hot. It’s only a matter of waiting to see what else they’ll come out with!

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