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Outlook 2013

Microsoft has heard the cry of millions of social network users who also love Outlook. While Outlook 2010 used Social Connectors to integrate social networks, the latest version of the software, Social Networks Status Outlook 2013 (http://blogs.office.com) Outlook 2013, includes some features that will make it even more convenient to keep all your email and social networking in one place.

Now you can check up on your Facebook and LinkedIn updates directly from inside the program. We haven’t heard anything about Twitter so far, but it’s still a step in the right direction.

The People Hub and especially the Contact page have also been updated for the new release. Just go into Account Settings and look for the Social Network Accounts section. You’ll have to put in your username and password, but then you will be able to see your contacts information pulled directly from LinkedIn and Facebook.

People Hub Outlook 2013 (http://gadgets.ndtv.com)Of course, people can adjust their privacy settings, so not everyone’s information will display in the same way. However, the default information will show pictures and any recent activity, such as Likes or Status updates.

This information will be available on each person’s Contact Card, which you will be able to access from a number of places. Whether you are in the People Hub, the What’s New tab, or your email recipients.

So it looks like the new update is going to make your Internet networking experience even more streamlined.

And don’t forget! KeyRocket will continue to support all the shortcuts you will need to zip around Outlook 2013 as efficiently as possible.

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